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How to use Luckygiftcard to verify Paypal account

Paypal is popular for online payment in the world, Paypal is used to transfer money, receive money from the affiliate network, online Freelance work, …

For new account registration, you need to Verify Paypal account to get higher limit. Therefore, you need to verify your account by Visa prepaid to your Paypal.

In this topic, we will show you how to verify paypal account using Luckygiftcard.

Firstly, you need to buy Luckygiftcard visa prepaid
Get VCC online at: http://luckygiftcard.com
Contact via Skype: luckygiftcard1

This is a new Paypal account, not Verify
To get started, click on the “Get Verified”

Add Luckygiftcard Prepaid Visa card
This is page to Add Prepaid Visa card, fill out the information on the card include:
Card Type: Visa
Card number: 16 front card numbers
Expiry Day: Month / Year of expiry
Security Code: last 3 digits on the back card
Click the “Continue” orange buttom

You will receive paypal code quicky

Contact Skype for instant Paypal Code – We will send you Paypal right away.
Skype: luckygiftcard1 


Now! Your Paypal account is verified successfully!

The amount $1,95 is refund back to Paypal account within 10 minutes.